Conspiracy Behind The Calling Off The Siege – K K Rema

KK Rema, the RMP leader and the wife of the slain TP Chandrasekharan, told that the there is some conspiracy behind the calling off the siege by the LDF. She told it was the some adjustment done between both the parties so that the investigation of the TP Case will not reach the top leaders. She added that RMP will not change its stand demanding a CBI probe into the killing of ChadraSekharan and they will protest for that.

LDF and the UDF is cheating the people of Kerala, For this CPI(M) General Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has to ask for forgiveness from the people, . It was an adjustment by the ruling government and the Opposition to resolve cases like the T P Chandrasekharan murder case, SNC Lavalin case and the K T Jayakrishnan Master murder case which have been troubling certain leaders from both the fronts,” Rema said. She further added that the information’s what she received so far indicates this.