Congress – League dispute settles down amicably

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Trivandrum: The crisis created between the Congress and the League due to Ramesh Chennithala’s anti league speech is gradually getting settled. The congress High Command’s timely interference paved the way to an amicable settlement. The High Command has told the congress leaders not to issue any statements that may harm the relationship between the alliance partners. After lot of discussions taken place yesterday things have settled down at least for the time being.

In the one hour meeting taken place yesterday at the ‘Cliff house’ Ramesh Chennithala explained his stand. After this, both parties banned further public statements. Ramesh openly said that the League is the back bone of the UDF and the relationship between the Congress and the League is decades old. He is determined to go ahead with actions to strengthen the UDF. It was mutually agreed that this type of problems shouldn’t be drawn to the streets.