Complaint against Kadhal Sandhya

Sandhya - Indiamovies Young actress Sandhya, who conquered viewer’s hearts through her Tamil film “Kadhal” is in the danger of finding herself the bad books of the Producer’s Association. Tamil producer Ezhil has filed a complaint against “Kadhal” Sandhya to the Producer’s Association. Ezhil is the producer of the Tamil movie “Mayai”, in which Sandhya was casted as the main actor. He has complained after having signed the contract for “Mayai”, her consequent absence from the set had disrupted the shooting, and has rendered enormous losses for the director. J.R.Kannan was the director of this movie. Initially, actress Dhanam was casted in the movie, but later was replaced by Sandhya, as Dhanam’s acting was not up to the mark. Sandhya had refused to act, saying that the costumes were too sexy, and subsequently the director also withdrew from the film. Ezhil has also filed a complaint against the director saying that he had taken 25 lakhs from the producer, before withdrawing from the film