Comediyan Santhanam Turns Singer

comediyan santhana, who has earlier rendered dialogues in songs has now turned singer. he has recorded a number in Srikanth's Nambiyaar which is producing by Golden friday films. santhanam plays an important role inthis movie. more over he become singer too. The song, Aara Amara ukkanthu sarakkadi nanba sarakkadi, has been penned by viveka and composed by vijay antony. Director Ganeshaaa says, 'this is a war song ; the kinds that are sung at kaaoke bars. In the film, srikanth- who usually sips on soft drinks to give his friends company -ends up drinkung one night. He takes the mike, and breaks into a mass number in an extremely low tempo. santhanam doesn't appear in this scene, but he has lent his voice for srikanth. was it convincing santhanam?' Not at all. Infact, he was very upbeat and eager to sing the number. we'd blocked the recording studio for five hours, but sathanam finished singing in 15 minutes itself. the song is a cocktail of different styles. Vijay antony had initially composed fast number. But when we decided its santhanam will be singing for the first time for us, he wanted to make the tune unique,and did so,'' he says. sreekanth says, its a great help from a top and busy man santhanam. I am really thankfull to him. And the song came out well. [gallery lightboxsize="full" num="12" pagenavi="5"]