Chief Minister Resignation Is Required – Pinarayi

Tiruvanathapuram : CPI (M) General Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan stated that Chief ministers resignation is very important for solar scam case. There is no change in their demand for chief ministers resignation, The resignation got hidden by the Judicial Probe. He said this in AKG Sanative Press conference.
The people will not tolerate him in participating in any public meetings or events. The resignation is mandatory when the judicial probe is on. This is the usual procedure. It is quite surprising to see the Chief Minister continue in his post when the Judicial probe is on. Without his resignation the Judicial probe is not meaningful. It does not mean by ending the siege the protest is over. It is only one phase of the protest got over. If the chief minister did not resign then more kinds of protests will be seen . said Mr. Pinarayi.