Chennithala criticizes League. Aryadan and Murali support


Kozhikode: The KPCC President Ramesh Chennithala criticized severely the communal organizations including the Muslim League. He was speaking at a function commemorating the services of the former KPCC President Govindan Nair. Supporting this, the minister Aryadan Mohammed and MLA K.Muralidharan also came to the fore. Chennithala started speaking with the memory of C. K. G. opposing the relationship of Congress with the League. If you give today what they ask, tomorrow they will ask for more. This would amount to a sort of pressure tactics. Those days C.K.G had stated that the relationship with Mannath Padmanabhan and the different Political parties are totally different. We must all try to emulate that spirit, said Ramesh.


Aryadan said it’s now that Ramesh Chennithala became the real KPCC President. There was a directive in the party before, that Congress should not share a platform with the League where the party has a stronghold. Now I’m the only person who follows that directive, said Aryadan. We should have understood long time back that there should be some control over the relationship with the alliance partners. Now they scare us quite often with the threat of quitting the alliance. They are not going to go anywhere. Even if they go nobody will take them into their fold, said Muralidharan.