Chashme Baddoor Is Totally A Blast Of Humour

Chashme Baddoor David Dhawan's Chashme Baddoor is a family comedy entertainer. The story is about all about a girl and three young men who tries to impress her. The girl's father arranges marriage for her but she is not interested so to escape from her father who wants her daughter to marry a military officer, she flees to Mauritius where her uncle resides.By chance, two friends among the three of them see her and wants to seduce her but it fails. The third one falls in love with the girl without knowing that she was the one that his friends were trying to impress. The jealous bound friends come to know about this and tries to break them up. And the story continues on that. And finally, the girl gets married to the one she loved, the third friend, a happy ending.