Censor Board was generous; It did not cut the Lip Lock Scene of Lakhmi Menon.

The latest discussion topic in the Tamil film industry is the Lip Lock scene of Lakshmi Menon and Vishal. There were earlier reported that the directors may decide to remove the kissing scene from the film In order to show the relationship depth of the characters played by Lakshimi Menon and Vishaal the kissing scene should be retained. Hence the director Thiru and other stars had an unanimous view that the film has come out very well and should be presented as it is to retain the impact. It was crucial for the film’s narrative and they does not agree to remove the scenes. Hence to present an high impact the makers has decided to go with U/A with minimal cuts to retain the intensity of narration and to maintain the pace.
The latest news is that censor board has give U/A certificate for the film by retaining the kissing and under water scenes. It was reported that Lakshmi Menon did not agree to do the scenes, but director Thiru compelled her to read the script and later agreed to do the scenes as the script demanded. The film trailer has garnered lot of positive comments