Censor Board denies permission to ‘Pithavum Puthranum Parisudhatmavinum’

A movie ‘Pithavum Puthranum’ which tells the story of humanness is being denied permission by the Censor Board for exhibition. The movie ‘Pithavum Puthranum’ tells the story of humanness based on a convent in Kannur doesn’t get permission for exhibition from the Censor Board. The director T Deepesh alleged that the Censor Board was behaving in a prejudicial manner even before seeing the movie. He is planning to give an appeal in the revising committee against the negative attitude of the Censor Board towards creative thinking. According to the Censor Board they have received several complaints against the movie and hence they are unable to give permission. But Deepesh doesn’t understand why the movie was kept pending for weeks without any specific reason. Also, he wants to know how they could get so many complaints against a movie which was never even exhibited anywhere. Sunny Vein, Honey Rose, V K Prakash and Sabu Cyril do the main roles in the movie. Script is written by Balram Mattannoor and the Producer is Sunder Iritty.