Case No. 18/9 – Review

Case No -  Indiamovies The Kannada film “Case No. 18/9” is the remake of Tamil movie “Vazakku Enn 19/9.” The film is based on the present city teenagers who fall in love, the problems faces by them and how they react to it. It is showcasing the innocence, poverty, luxury, corruption, youth crossing limits with latest technology, the system in which we are living today exposed and paying penalty out of the court is a strong indication of people in society getting fed up. The film starts with Mahadeva (Nirajan Shetty) a road side hotel worker in charge get arrested on the charge of attacking a girl with acid. When the police inspector questions Mahadeva the story slowly get revealed about his attraction towards a girl called Lakshmi and what happened in the process. Through this revelation the police and the audience understands about one more love story attached to it. Performance wise Niranjan has worked hard and remained almost an urchin. Through her acting skill Sindhu Lokanath stole the show. Shweta pandit has understood the role and acted well. Abhishek as a debut is okay. Rangayana Raghu wins the audience with his dialogues. The Verdict – the Film Case no 18/9 is worth a watch.