Maunamravi                                     Sarath Kumar, who plays two roles                                           "Cantamarutam" Recovered after a long break, Sarath Kumar, who plays a double role in the film actress revolution "cantamarutam" He became the first hero Sarath Kumar plays a cruel villain. Morphological similarity with one another, brother - brother, father - child without such regular iraittai two different villain roles - roles played hero. It's not just a writer as he is introduced in the film. Rajeskumar screenplay writer writes the script. The movie is directed by A. Venkatesh has accepted responsibility. "But I pucca hero and villain," as the villain ... "I will be doing everything hiroyisam" the hero of this film is a different take on individual policy "cantamarutam" 80 per cent of the shooting of the film ended, finishing the shooting is ongoing. Covets the film with Sarath Kumar, miranantan cast two heroines. Samuthrakani with the role of a principal. Also in the film Radharavi, tampiramaiya, Iman annacci, venniratai Murthy, Naresh, Aadhavan, cinkampuli, George, Nalini, Ram Kumar, Ghana Ulakanatan, Delhi Ganesh, mokanraman, love THANDAPANI.S, Rekha Suresh, GM Kumar, cupparkut Kannan, Prabhakar, Nadesan, Selvaraj, papus, karatteraja and important role as a villain in the newcomer aruncakar debut of Bangalore. Cinematography - NS Udayakumar Music - James Vasanthan Editing - VT Vijayan - kaneskumar Songs - Mohanraj, cumatisri Fight Training - The Stunt Siva Dancing - Kalyan, visnutev Stills - Stills Siva Art - Rupesh Designs - Senthil Graphics Special make-up - James Production supervision - Vinod Chief Executive Officer - B. Sakthivel Tayarippu coordinators - AN Sunderasan On behalf of the company producing the film in great Magic Frames R. Sarath Kumar, R. Radhika Sarath Kumar, listinstipan made. Additional screenplay, dialogues, direction A. Venkatesh Is planning to release the film soon.