Calicut is one of the 14 districts of Kerala state situated in the northern part of Kerala and in the South West coastal part of India. Calicut City, one of the biggest cities in Kerala is the headquarters of the Calicut district. Kannur in the North, Malppuram in the South, Wayanad in the East and Arabian sea in the West sets the boundary of
Calicut. The 4 taluks of the district are Koilandi, Vadakara, Thamarsseri and Calicut.

History of Calicut
The history of Calicut is little known to us before the arrival of Vasco de Gama. It was from the travelogues of Ibnu Bathootha, Abdul Rasak, Nicola Kondi and other literary works that we come to know about calicut before Vasco de Gama, but the information remain unauthentic.The information rendered with the arrival of Vasco de Gama can be considered credible From the 8th to 12th century Calicut was reigned by the ‘Porlathiris’. Social life was based on the work the people did and the caste to which the people belonged to.The tribal heads were made landowners and rulers and there were people who did farming under their rule. The Reign of the Samoothiris came then.They developed a good relation with the Arabs that flourished the trade and commerce thus tranforming Calicut into a known trade center. The muslims helped the Sammothiris to conquer all who came their way thus making the Samooothiris rule from Calicut to Kochi.

Wars were waged frequently during the reign of the Samoothiris.The Samoothiris contributed in the field of culture. Revathi Pattathanam and Vidhavval Sadassu were contributions by the Samoothiris.Hyderali came and conquered the Samoothiris. Tippu Sultan took over the rule.The low caste were tortured cruelly by the high caste and as a result the low caste converted into the muslim community. Tipu Sultan changed the then prevailed systems of polygamy and polyandry and introduced the system of landtax payment by landowners.

Tourist Attractions

Kakkayam Dam
Thusharagiri waterfalls
Mananchira Square
Bepure harbor
Calicut beach
Kappad Beach
Peruvannamuzhi dam
East Hill pazhassiraja Museum
East Hill Krishna menon Art Gallery
Irangal Silpagram

Educational Institutions

National Institute of Technology
Calicut Medical College
Indiam Institute of Management
Farook College
Samoothiri Guruvayoorapan Collge
St.Joseph’s College, Devagiri


Calicut is known for the clothing materials Calico and Muslin alongwith the handloom products produced in Vadakara, Mariyoor, Thikodi, Calicut, Keezhariyoor,Cheruvannoor, Kannur, Balaramapuram and Chendamangalam.

Places of worship

Kollarackal Devi temple