Buddhist group Against Villali Veeran

Buddhist organizations have protested against Dileep Starrer Villali Veeran. The organizations claim that the film has Show case Budha and Buddhist symbols in a poor light and hence they demanded that the film should be banned.

In One of the songs in the film, the actor appears in Buddha’s attire and sitting under the Bodhi tree. The song sequence starts with this scene. Dileep who is dressed like Bhudha sits under the Bhodhi tree and he wakes up from his meditation on seeing the actress, who is dressed up as Cinderella. Buddhist Groups claim that this is vulgar and their auspicious symbols of their religion symbols has been showcased in a poor light. Not only that the Buddhist organizations had accused the censor board for not editing out such scenes. They have decided to file a complaint against the film and the censor board who had given approval for the film.

The film was earlier titled as Buddhettan, but later changed the name to Villali Veeran to avoid religious controversies. Not only that Dileep’s character name in the film is Buddhettan.

The director Sudheesh Shankar says that his film does not insult Buddha in any way. In films there are lot of songs in which people dress up imitating Gods and Goddesses and it does not mean they are insulting any religion.