Bollywood actor in Ashiq Abu Film

It has been reported that a bollywood actor will be acting in the upcoming new film Rani Padmini starring Manju Warrier and Rima Kallingal . Both the actress would be playing important characters in the film. The Bollywood actor also would be handling a prominent role. But the makers are not willing to reveal more information’s about this.

The film revolves around the life of two women who are in a long journey from Kochi to Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir via Delhi. Even though both of them travels to the same place . they are strangers and they have different purpose for the journey. The film is about the life of two women.

Sajitha Madathil, Jinu Joseph, Shine tom chacko, sreenath basi, Soubin Sahir, Dileesh pothan are the other stars in the film. Ashiq abu would be directing the film after Gangster and it would also mark the third film of manju Warrier after her come back to films. The script of the film is by Shyam Pushkar.