Blood & Curry

SYNOPSIS "Moments before an anniversary party at his house, an Indian man sits in his backyard in a state of shock. His wife lies dead at his feet. He pulls it together enough to call 911 but the doorbell rings. Family and guests are here for the party. He makes a split second decision, hangs up on 911 and scrambles to hide the body. Reminiscent of Hitchcock's ROPE, guests fill the house not realizing the deceased hostess lies in their midst. Her desperate husband seems willing to go to any lengths to conceal the truth. In the process, significant, sometimes darkly comic differences emerge between his Hindu family and western culture. How long can he possibly keep his morbid secret?" WRITER / DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT Shaker Pictures is very pleased to announce their collaboration with writer, director Atul Sharma and the release of their first co-production, BLOOD & CURRY. The film has already received rave reviews from numerous festivals including The Rome International Film Festival, The India International Film Festival, among others. It’s controversial subject matter garnered the longest Q&A of the festival noted RIFF executive director, Harry Musselwhite, “...the audience loved this movie.” Atul Sharma noted, “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Jack (Rajasekar) and his team at Shaker Pictures. We’ve both got one mission, to work as hard as we possibly can to bring the audience great characters in a story that will hopefully resonate with them long after the film is over.” BLOOD & CURRY centers on a Los Angeles based Indian couple who got an arranged marriage. The wife, Deepa, came from India to start a new life with a man she barely knew. The film starts with the couple about to celebrate their first year wedding anniversary at their house in the San Fernando Valley. Somewhat reminiscent of Hitchcock’s ROPE, family and guests soon arrive and begin to ask where the hostess is. Only her husband knows the truth yet all he’s willing to share are lies. “This is a thriller people have to see.” says Jack Rajasekar, “Nobody’s going to guess what happens.” He adds, “What would you do if you knew a woman was getting viciously treated in a house down the street but she was an immigrant?” Recent statistics show that approximately every other South Asian woman in the United States is a victim of domestic violence. Atul Sharma calls this “ epidemic of violence. Women in a patriarchal culture are brainwashed into believing that this is how it’s supposed to be. It’s not.” BLOOD & CURRY is being released worldwide on Friday April 25th. “We made a conscious decision not to touch the visuals or sound in order to preserve it’s gritty authenticity. All of us are very excited to bring this very original American independent film to the public,” notes Mr. Rajasekar. The filmmakers have partnered with organizations such as Sahara and Futures Without Violence to donate a percentage of all profits from movie sales to changing the lives of embattled immigrant women in North America. Producer Deon Louw says, “Movies are ultimately entertainment, sometimes a little educational, but what these organizations do is very real.”