Blessy Says that He has not abandoned Benyamins Aadu Jeevitham

Benyamin’s Award Winning Novel Aadu Jeevitham will be soon seen in silver screen. Famous director Blessy is going to make the novel into film. The Director said to Manorama Online that He has decided to make the novel into film and he is not willing to enclose further details about the film

The news of converting the novel to film is on the news for quite sometime. Many names like Prithivraj, Vikram and Mohanlal were roumered to be approached to play the lead for the project. But recently there were news that Blessy has abandoned the idea of making this film.
Now the director himself says that he has lot of projects in his mind and he has not decided which film to be made first.

Benyamin in his novel, tells the story of a Young man who was forced to work as a slave laborer. He was kept away from human interaction and is assigned to look after goats, sheep and camels in the remote deserts of Saudi Arabia . The film deals with young man’s mental tension who got trapped to the fate’s cruel plan. When this film reach the silver screen malayalee audience will have a new experience .