Black Ticket

Black ticket The new comer to the industry Uday Chandran wrote the story under the banner of Varsha Productions and directing the movie Black Ticket. When the mafia don changes in life and moves to a new life the ,enemies from past comes for the revenge;this is the story of the movie. Thahir and Martin are the most trusted fellows of their master Gabriel a business giant of the City .Thahir is the manager and martin the driver.Along with them there are many who helps Gabriel helping him in extending his business empire.Gabriel with his sharp brain and will power is strong enough to face any situations .Even then his association with Mahesh kumar as part of business ended up in problems. After Gabriele's death,Thahir and Martin were managing life trusting on fate.But Gabriel's daughter Ann Mary had lost her dreams . Martin was there to depend for her because they were in love. But Martin never had peace in life.He started realizing the things when he was attacked by some. The story of the movie Black Ticket is about the struggles and investigations following the incident. Sai Kumar as Gabriel did justice to the role. The new faces Siva and Sajir are the heroes doing a good job. Anjana Menon is the female lead. Prremkumar,Anil Murali,Majeed,Jayraj Century,Atlas Ramachandran,Bineesh Basrin,Prasanth Munambam,Anand,Shafeek Rahman,Ambika Mohan are the other actors. There are certain touching characters and heart moving emotional scenes in the movie.This can not be said as a great movie but can be considered as a good one