Biju Radhakrishnan sents letter to Shalu from the prison

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Biju Radhakrishnan

Thiruvananthapuram: Biju Radhakrishnan had sent an eight pages letter to Shalu Menon from the Jail. This letter reflecting his deep love for her was sent through a co prisoner and the same person made it reach the media too.

In the letter he says the main culprits in the solar scam are not arrested yet and he also asks why the police not arresting Jikku and Salim Rajan. It was not arrest but surrender to police at Coimbatore and police made him shave his mustache; he writes. He writes that he surrendered when it was sure to catch her in the case and on getting the bail she should try to get bail for him too.  Biju requests in his letter that she should get bail for him if she is a human being. Even after the police interrogation he has not disclosed not even a percent of what he had done for her and in case of any misunderstanding she has to remove the same, he continues. He says she has not admitted crime on the killing of his first wife Rashmi. Earlier he did make a request to court for permission to meet Shalu in Jail but rejected.