Biju Menon as Jumper Thampi

Thambi was a Jumper vendor before. He still is a jumper, but not the vendor now, but a bike jumper. Though the job has been changed, his name has not changed yet, the jumper still followed him. The movie by M.Renjith, produced by Rajputhra Visual Media titled ‘Tamar Pattar’ has Biju Menon as Jumper Thambi in it. The hero of the movie is Prithviraj. This is a full length comic movie. Dileesh Nair who had prepared the script for the movies ‘Da Thadiya’ and ‘Idukki Gold’ has prepared the script alongwith Shyam Pushkar. The script of the movie ‘Idukki Gold’ was written by Dileesh Nair and Shyam Pushkar and it was produced by Rajputhra Renjith.