Big B inaugurated Mumbai’s dedicated Pediatric Superspeciality Hospital

Brief of Hospital
Venue: Surya Child Care, S. V. Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai- 54
Date: 9th Feb 2014

Today, we are inaugurating a dedicated pediatric multi-specialty hospital in Santacruz. The purpose of this hospital will be to provide comprehensive and complete pediatric services under one roof. This hospital now has 120 beds that includes 65 NICU beds, 15 PICU beds. The NICU and PICU facility are state of art and one of the largest facility, not only in Mumbai but also in this country. Services provided here include: PICU, NICU, general pediatrics, a world class pediatric surgery complex, advanced diagnostics, fetal medicine, genetic services, and many other pediatric sub-specialties like nephrology, neurology, endocrinology, gastroenterology etc.
On this occasion, we dedicate this day, to all our heroes from neonatal intensive care unit of Surya, who are some of smallest, tiniest, sickest neonatal survivors of this country. These infants were born as early as 24 weeks, and weighed as low as 500 grams. These babies, despite being born at very early gestational age, with extremely low birth weight, with smallest size and having gone through extremely difficult journey during their neonatal period, they valiantly fought this difficult battle and have emerged as intact victorious survivors. They have fought many medical and surgical problems, with the pendulum swinging several times between life and death in the course of their hospital stay; however, finally defying all odds they have made it through. Today, we are felicitating some of these tiny miracles, who have now blossomed, by none other than Shri Amitabhji Bachchan.
We are proud to call some of these tiny tots and their families together to celebrate the day of inauguration and dedicate this hospital to the care of children of this country. We are also launching “Surya Child Foundation” which will cater to the needs of high risk NICU graduates. This foundation will also have a parent support group which will help and guide the parents of all NICU graduates to sail through most the difficult and emotionally challenging time. This foundation will also help and guide them in upbringing these kids up to 5 years of age.