Story: A notorious Hong Kong based don Vijay (Nagarjuna) aka Bhai, moves to Hyderabad on a mission – to execute an undercover cop responsible for the death of Tony (Ajay), son of mafia kingpin, David (Ashish). But Arjun turns out to be Vijay’s kin and the executor turns into the savior of his family.

Movie Review: Blending entertainment with action is the standard template for big star entertainers. The film tries to positioned the sillyness of an Aha Na Pellanta with the stylized action of a gangster flick like say Shadow. The result we are afraid is a dumped -down version of Don. Even die hard fans of Nagarjuna will struggle to arouse nice things to say about the movie. It’s a belly laugh all the way, and that is putting it kindly.

We shall describe a scene from the introduction song of the movie to give you an idea of the craftsmanship that is gone into the making of the movie. B H A I..Bhai, cheekati padithe play boy, veedu massu, veedu classu, dorababu of Dubai…go the lines of the song. We have Nag dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean dancing with a bevy of skimpily clad models. That’s the thing with such popcorn entertainers, when they don’t come off it all looks, well, very corny.

The main character is this gem of a son, Vijay who goes to jail for killing a boy. Actually, the boy owns up the crime just to save his father who actually kills the boy unknowingly! Years later Vijay resurfaces as Bhai, the swaggering hit man of an international mafia don David. In what is a strange quirk of fate, Bhai reconnects with his estranged family in Hyderabad when he is assigned the job of bumping off his own brother by David. How our man again comes to the rescue of his family is the crux of the plot which is inconsequential really. A lot of crippled plotlines have gone on to become blockbusters in Telugu cinema. It’s just that the packaging did not click with this one.

The film does offer a few giggles though. We have Brahmanadam playing an NRI cook kicking up a riot slapping everyone he can see. Then MS Narayana plays a drunk who drinks up only the alcohol from peg leaving behind the soda, coke or anything else that’s used to dilute the drink. We have the statutory item number, ample flights, and plenty of flattering profile shots of Nagarjuna who is hardly ever required to act.

Richa Gangopadhyay provides the glam relief along with Kamna Jethmalani while Nathalia Kaur sizzles in a song cameo. We have Ashish Vidyarthi, Sonu Sood, Ajay, Rahul Dev, Sayaji Shinde playing funny villains while Narsing Yadav, Fish Venkat, Raghu Babu and gang try their best to evoke some laughs. The music is cheesy though and the cinematography is colorfully sketchy. The production values over all are just about passable.