Bangalore Days of Nazria and Fahad

Anjali Menon is going to direct a film with new comers. The film name is Bangalore days. The film rose to popularity after the engagement of Fahad and Nazria. It was during the shoot of the film Fazil has announced the marriage between the two.

Dulquer, nivin and Nazria are cousins . After their studies all three gets a job and move to Bangalore . They bump into eachother at one point of time .the entry of Fahad and Nitya Menon into their life changes the course of their life and the series of events make up the story

Anjali who raised to fame with the films ‘Manjadikuru, Usthad Hotel’ is writing the screenplay of the film. She is narrating a young story with lot of positive vibes and joy of stepping out of Kerala.The film has been shot at Ernakulam, Pondichery, Chennai, And Hydrebad