Ban for Anjali by the Director’s Association

South Indian movie actress Anjali has got ban by the association of the Tamil Directors as per the complaint of the Director M.U.Kalanjiyam. The complaint is that Anjali refused to co-operate in Kalanjiyam’s movie ‘Ooru Sutri Puranam’ and a huge loss has been occurred as she has gone to act in other movies without acting in this movie.
This incident occurred last year. Anjali co-operated with the director for his movie just for 12 days and then she vanished. And it is because of this that the director cum producer Kalanjiyam became bankrupt. If Anjali acts in this movie for 20 more days, this movie can be completed. Complaints had been given, yet no action was taken.
Anjali had given reports that she was not into any crisis or issues and she will be acting in movies. She has not done anything wrong and none can stop her from her acting. It was after this statement that the Director came up against Anjali with his claim.