Balyakalasakhi to get re released

The Mammooty Starrer Balyakalasakhi directed by Pramod Payyanoor is again getting re-released in theaters . The present version which has got released in the theater has duration of 105 minutes. The film will be re edited by adding 15 minutes of re edited reels. And this full version of the film will be re released on February 28th. The film is based on the famous novel Balyakalasakhi written by renowed writer Vaikam Mohammad Basheer. The film has got favorable review from the audience and it is running successfully on the theater Earlier the picture was screened the full version in the film festival. But the length has been reduced considering the commercial aspects. However there was a huge demand from the viewers to screen the full version in theaters and the makers yielded to the public demand. With this change the makers expect that the original version will again pull the audience who has seen the shorter version to the theater . The character Majeed portrayed by Vaikom Mohmmaed basher is all time favorite character in the minds of the readers. Isha Talwar is playing the female protagonist. Mamooty will be seen in the five get ups in the film . Meena and Seema Biswas play the other important characters.