Balachandra Menon Criticizes New Generation Films

Director Actor Balachandra Menon Criticized the new generation films on his Face book page. His argument is that the importance of family is fading out from the new generation films. The foundation of the society itself is family , but most of the films which is getting released nowadays ignores the family values. In the young generation films, we see lot of words that have been deemed inappropriate , which you don’t normally hear in public is used. The usage of bleeped, blatant language, cuss words has become a fashion.

When a guest comes to our house, we welcome them after removing all the unwanted stuff from the place. But the new generation film often uses the cuss words and reference to the inner wear. They fix these inner garments in front. They consider the toilet humour as the trend. The censor board who has to control this is just become a dummy. He blamed that If this trend continuous then we all have to convert the toilet into the visiting room.

Recently he posted on his online page that he would like to share his opinion on various films released these days. He mentioned that excess use of these toilet humours will keep the family audience away . He also revealed that he is apparently planning to make a new film. Amidst criticizing he also did not forget to appreciate the Improvement on technical facilities used in the films.