Ayal - Indiamovies 'Ayal" is the new release directed by Suresh Unnithan after 15 years of gap. Through "Ayal" Director is conveying a strong love story to his audience. Back ground of the story is Kuttanad. Gurudasan a famous "pulluvan pattu" singer is the main character in the story. He is like floating in water , flowing from one woman to another. He can’t be limited by any social constraints or boundary lines drawn by society. Janaki and Chakkara, two sisters are his wives. Have a son in Chakkara. He gets invited to one of the wealthy influential families of the village for pulluvan pattu.He gets involved with the thampuratti (princess) of the family.Again he goes there for "Sarppam Pattu" which require strict "Vrutham", With strong dedication , abstaining from alcohol woman he took the vrutham but breaks it on the night of Sarppam Pattu. The news spreads in the village. With that he loses the recognition of the village. The story gets extended to the aftermath. Lal did excel as the Pulluvan. Lakshmi Sharma is Janaki.Iniya as Chakkara.Lena is the thampuratti.KPAC Lalitha,Sukumari,Indrans,Shobi Thilakan,Master Dhananjayan, Kalasala Babu, Seeema G Nair also did well in their respective roles. This film should be appreciated as it tried to approach the subject to get presented in a serious and artistic mode. In his to attempt to make it more interesting to viewers the director compromised to its seriousness. The script writer did favor by adding good dialogues and scenes. Movie gets attention also because of the fact that Dr. V. Venu IAS former secretary to the Cultural Department is also associated in this. He is doing a notable role too. Good pictorisation by Sujith Vasudevan Both in covering the Kuttanad and the beauty of female characters.Including the folklore of Pulluvan pattu and some melodies 'Ayal" needs to get appreciated.