Avani Modi attends Bokwa at Fitness Expert Shirish Thakkars SDWM Studio

Abiding by her new year resolution of staying fit and healthy, Avani chose to liven up her workout routine as she matched steps with SDWM trainers and experienced an absolute blast with 30 minutes of calorie-burning, heart racing, muscle pumping, body energizing, awe-inspiring Bokwa - the nouveau fitness trend. Says Avani, "Fitness regimes are essential for everyone. I love to experiment with diverse work-out styles. Bokwa is a high intensity work-out which makes you sweat and burns calories as it's a combination of boxing and tribal African dance form. I'm glad to have met Shirish Thakkar to guide me through this new form of exercise who helps all fitness enthusiasts create power-packed magic on the floor. The trainers at SDWM have the tools and skills to support you in your quest for any desired result.