Attempt For Attack Against Abdullakutty

Attempt For Attack Against Abdullakutty

Kannoor: In the meeting held for discussing on Kochi-Mangalore gas pipe line project, there was an attempt to attack AP.Abdullakutty MLA. The incident occurred when interrupting the GAIL representative  who  was addressing the meeting Abdullakutty started talking in of the support the project. The protesters said MLA is the agent of GAIL and not in support of the people. In response he said GAIL is a public sector organization and he is proud to be called as its agent.This provoked the protestors. The Gas pipeline victims association district president A Gopalan said , when the Chala tragedy had happened Abdullakutty in a interview in a channel said for avoiding  tanker tragedies the pipe line project should materialize and shows his vested interest in the project .

Why in Kanuor alone there is objection against the project asked MLA. Only those who are here have the objection, people have given signature on the consent favoring the project. But Gopalan said they took the consent from women and old on misunderstanding .Peace restored on minister interfering in the issue.