Aravind Swamy as Muscle Man

Before one year it was usual to have questions about his whereabouts and people ask often in the social net work sites where this handsome actor Aravind Swamy has gone. The actor who has acted in top directors movie, suddenly got vanished from the films for years and got involved in business. The actor, who was almost forgotten by audience is ready to rise from the ashes. After a long break, he made his comeback with his mentor Mani Ratnam’s Kadal. The film garnered him good reviews and now he has decided to get active in the films.
Aravind Swamy who did the roles of the chocolate hero is now hitting the gym to have a toned body for the upcoming film. He will appear in a different role than his usual ones. The actor is having rigorous work outs for the past few months to tone up for his new avatar.