Appayya is Set in the dry land the film unfolds the rivalry of two factions. In the Goravaiah gang is Appayya. He is like a slave. He does everything his master tells him. He show the utmost faith because he was an abandoned child who has brought to the house and nourished. The director S Narayan acquired the story for this film when he was at the airport at Bangalore from the affected person. For majority of portions to the real life story S Narayan added some commercial elements It is a strong and solid dose from reputed director Kala Samrat Narayan. For the evergreen subject of 'Love' he has given ultimate thought. Vengeance is unstoppable in this world. At least at the family front vengeance should end one day. It is an answer from the 'Sickle' to remove the sickness faced by the lovers. How it is treated and torture faced by the lovers is a two hours and five minutes cinema 'Appayya' There is another gang in the film headed by Rajani Prakash. Gowri is the Daughter of this cruel person . The audiences will come to know identity of Gowri only when the love story reaches its peak. It presents the pure and innocent love Rajani Prakash on the pretext of 'Peace' in the village kills mentor of Appayya that is Goravaiah and mayhem again. Rajani Prakash once again makes his daughter to believe him. He invites Appayya this time.On the request of his fiancé Appayya goes to the place of his father in law to face the brutal attack. After five years Appayya owning a shop in Mysore come to his native village to hand over invitation. Some more developments crops up. You can watch the developments on the screen. One of the finest performances from Srinagara Kitty has come in this film 'Appayya'. Kitty never had so much of action in his previous films. Dialogues are also on top for him. Bhama a bubbly actress has given able support. Narayan, Rajani Prakash and Thimma Nanjappa given good support Music by c director S Narayan and cameraman Jagadish Wali really deserve appreciation. When there are melodious tunes we get to see lovely backdrop of locations. Three of S Narayan songs are well derived. 'Appayya' is meaningful film among many love story films in Kannada. is no 'Apaaya' (danger) in seeing 'Appayya'. The full credit for it goes to S Narayan who has worked on a strong screenplay and story line got from a real life person. Meeting the needs of all class of audience director S Narayan worked out on the screenplay. He has placed songs, comedy and touching situations in order The action portion, reaction portions, melodious songs, splendid locations to aptly suit the screenplay - S Narayan deserve kudos!