Anu Mol is coming as Aruna a victim who was brutally raped by a waiterr.

Anu Mol - Indiamovies The forthcoming film named Maram Peyyumpol which will be directed by Anil V.Thomas is based on the real incident. which happed in Mumbai so many years before. Aruna Shanbag was the native of Karnataka . She was attacked and cruelly raped by an attender of the same hospital. The role of the victim is done by Anu Mol who got famous through the film “God for Sale” . Vineeth, Mukesh are the others who does an important role in the film. Anu Mol will come as the character Aruna who is working in the hospital, Her marriage will be fixed with her colleague doctor who is working with her. It is at that time she got victimized. The person, beat her with the iron chain and then raped her and left her in coma. The makers are planning to release this film on October.