Anoop Menon’s Rate Shoots up to 0.75 crores

Anoop Menon Anoop Menon’s beginning was as an anchor in channels. Then, gradually he started showing himself up in TV serials in leading roles. Finally he ended up in the cine world doing everything from Script to story, direction, lyrics, music direction and finally acting. In addition to this, he writes novelettes and short story in contemporary magazines. In the meanwhile many Anoop Menon – Jayasurya movies became big hits. In all these movies the script was done by Anoop Menon himself. Recent box office hits to his credit are ‘Cocktail, Beautiful, Trivandrum Lodge, David and Goliath and Hotel California’. The latest news taking rounds in the film world is that his remuneration has shot up to Rs: 0.75 crores. It is when he does script writing, lyrics and acting together that he takes Rs: 75 lakhs as remuneration.