Anoop Menon Says He is not The One who is Marrying Bhavana

Kochi : Actor Anoop Menon Denied the rumors that He is in dating the actress Bhavana and he will be getting married to her.
He said that Bhavana is a very close friend and they share a good chemistry on screen . But it does not mean that he is in a relationship with her.

He clarified that Bhavana’s marriage will take place next year. But the groom is some other person. He said this in an interview given to the media. He also told that he cant say when his marriage will take place . He may get married by this year or it can happen after 5 years. It is unpredictable Now. It is not necessary that the person whom he marries will be from film industry. He also told that he does not have any imagination about his wife.

Bhavana and Anoop are playing the lead roles in the film Angry Babies which is running successfully in the theaters now. The film is being well received By the audience and he is very happy for that. They have faced so many challenges to release the film and it is the team work which made the film a success.

There were rumors that Anoop and Bhavana is involved in a relationship. Once she confessed in an interview that she is in a relationship and the name of the person whom she is going to marry is Anoop. This incident sparked out the rumors about them