Anoop Menon , Murali Gopi In Kosarakolli

In the Film Kosarakolli Directed by the new comer Sunil Leenus , Murali Gopi and Anoop Menon are the significant charecters of this film . Earlier , both the stars has worked together in the film Ee Adutha Kalathu. The film’s heroine would be a new comer. The film has a background with the holiness of a village as well as powered by the terrific mechanism of the city. Some real incidents & characters are appearing in this film either directly or indirectly. And The bus accident happened in 1987 at Kuttikkanam has been shot. This film has been introduced fully in Christian background and also have the relevance for suspense & thriller. Blessy fame Mithun, and Sreejith Ravi is also in the film.