Ann Augustine Did Not Stop Acting.

The actress Ann Augustine is keeping away from films after marriage. Now she is staying with her husband and Cameraman Joemon T John in Kochi.

She said ‘ I Have not committed any new films . I do not have any planning for the future and not a person who plans and do things in the life. I take forward the life as it comes on my way and planning is not at all a part of my character. I Never told that I will quit acting after marriage. I am only taking a short gap. In my opinion, It is not right to quit acting after marriage. An interval was necessary. I took a break and did not commit any new projects because of my marriage and my father’s death. So far I have acted in films just to act. But now I want to be choosy. If good films come on my way I will definitely do it and my husband also supports my decision’.
She further added ‘ I am more attached with my father. When I got the Award I sent a message to my father’s mobile as I could not believe that my father is no more. My artistic talent has been noticed by my father first. Because of this reason I cannot avoid acting’.