Anil Kumar Bokaro With 101 Questions

Sidharth Siva who came into film direction with film “101 Chodyangal “has really proved his directorial skill. He proved that he can not only act but also can direct films and though it was his first venture, he came up with a sweet tale and narrated it with out complexities. The film won National Awards , for the best film director. Master minon who acted as Anil Kumar Bokaro an intelligent class V student got the national and state award for the best child artist. Minon with his acting skill has really made the views cry. The story revolves around the character Anil Kumar Bokaro played by master Minon. His teacher asks him to frame 101 questions and he only needs to find the questions .The struggle of this class V student for this school assignment given by his master. In search of questions Each question supposedly evolves from his own life and what he sees around him. The master who writes the books for selling it in trains and gives the responsibility to his student to frame 101 questions and he only needs to find the questions. For each questions the teacher would give answers as well a rupee. Initially he wrote questions for money. Each questions he evolves from his own life itself. His questions are not ground breaking ones. But simple queries that he stumbles upon every day. In the journey of searching for questions slowly he becomes frantic search for a meaning in his life. In between he will struggle to get questions, but in spite of all difficulties he will succeed in the task. But for the last question he finds out he has to give a huge price. This is the story outline. Sidharth has succeeded in presenting the truth sincerely, what we see around us. Even if this film is his debut, Sidharth presents it in a cleaver way. The theme, The narration and the simplicity is the film highlight. Eventhough the film finished its shoot on 2012, it is now the film has come into theatres.Indrajith after doing the roles of father in “Amen” and Mad Jayan in Left Right Left he shifted to the role of a teacher with ease. By doing this he once again proved with his acting skill. The characters of Lena and Murugan also support the film very well. The film touch us with reality. In the end the director brings the disease as a villain, which the Malayalam film is usually famous with. The songs composed by M.K Arjun after a long interval is remarkable. The song is sung by P.Jayachandran. This is a small and sweet movie which stands out for a memorable debut by the director and a brilliant star cast. When being in the almost empty balcony, The question remains why the people who accepted the Singam and MIlka Singh of other languages is not willing to accept this Class V boy Anil Kumar Bokaro.