‘@Andheri’ – the story of the underworld

@andheri-Indiamovies Palkkat born Rajan Pillai is an underworld king. He has a wife and a kid. Inspector Menon is an honest police officer. He has a close relation with the family of a colleague killed while on duty. ‘@Andheri’ is the story of the underworld and family relations. The movie is produced by Santosh Damodar under the banner of Damar Cinema. Director is Biju Bhaskar. The actors are Athul Kulkarni,Sreenivasan, Binish KIdiyeri, Biyon, Aparna Nair, Nandu, Anil Murali and Augustin . Photography is by Muhammad Rubaiz and music by Alfonz Joseph and M.Jayachandran.