Anchu Sundarikal

Anju Sundarikal ‘Anchu Sundarikal’ is created by group of five Directors under the leadership of Amal Neerad. There are five independent romantic stories in the movie. The directors are Anwar Rasheed, Ashique Abu, Sameer Thahir, shaiju Khaleed and Amal Neerad. They were all, one time close friends studying in Maharaja’s College, Eranakulam. Each story in the movie is directed by different people. The actors are Jaya Surya, Biju Menon, Kavya Madhavan, Dulkhar Salman, Reenu, Fahad,Reema, Nivin and Isha Shervani. Though the stories are not interconnected, similar themes have given them an impression of oneness. The names given by the Directors to the stories are: Gauri, Aami, Ish, Sethulakshmi and Kullante Bharya. The five cuties of the movie are Kavya Madhavan, Isha Sharvani, Honey Rose, Ashitha and Baby Anika. Their Romeos are Dulkhar Salman, Fahad Fasil, Nivin Pauli, Biju Menon and Master Chethan. Amal Neerad’s ‘Bachelors Party’ had invited lot of criticism from the viewers. So in his present venture he has taken extra care not to repeat his old drawbacks. There are of course, some touching scenes in this movie. It seems the viewers have given it a comparatively good reception.