Amitabh Bachan not to combine with Subash Ghaa

Bollywood showman Subash Ghaa and Big B Amitabh Bachan pairs. Though they have planned a movie years back, it was not a success. But after years, they are combining. The movie tells the story of Sarab Jith. Sarab Jith was the prisoner who was cruelly treated in the Pakishtani jail. Amitabh Bachan will be playing the role of a pakistani advocate and Sonakshi Sinha will be playing the role of Sarab Jith’s sister’s role. The movie is directed by Ishaar Singh. But Subash Ghaa said that Amitabh will not be acting in the movie as he is doing the role of an advocate in another movie too. It is said that other actors are also being considered for the role.