Ameesha Slapped the Molester

Ameesha Patel who reached to launched a jewellery showroom in Uttar Pradesh slapped a man for groping her. The incident happened in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. When she reached the venue itself the place were filled with fans. As per the sources, amesha was mobbed by a man among the crowd got touchy with her, with this incident she lost her control and slapped the man who groped in her in the over crowded place. She was taken by shock with the disgusting behavior of the man. She was surrounded by the crowd who wanted to catch a glance of her when she gave tight slap for his bad behavior.

With this the molester escaped from there. Presently Ameesha does not have much roles in Bollywood . Hence she is the regular star who comes for the inaugural and launching functions. Whenever she comes to attend the function she use to appear in beautiful attires,