AMAT (Before and After) Dazzles the USA with Collections

Fables Cinemas in Association with Bhargavi Enterprises and Sri
Ranjith Movies Hyderabad, is proud to state that AMAT collections in
the USA has surpassed everyone’s expectations and has garnered an
amount of $52500.

These figures are the best in the recent times for a small budget
movie.The combination of ” Ala Modalaindi” Producer K.L.Damodar Prasad
and “Ashta Chamma” Director Mohana Krishna Indraganti has created wonders.

It’s has been proved once again that Sri Ranjith Movies, which
believes in making concept driven movies along with creative
directors, is always accepted with warmth and affection from the

This gem of a film has not only created huge value for the director
Mohana Krishna Indraganti, which will reflect in his subsequent
movies, but also established extraordinary brand value for Producer
K.L. Damodar Prasad’s Sri Ranjith Movies world wide as a company that
makes meaningful and story-centric movies