Amala Paul getting Married!!

Actress Amala Paul is getting married to the Tamil Director M.L.Vijay on June 12th at Chenai. This was declared through an interview given to a magazine by Amala’s mother. The engagement will be conducted on June 7th at Cochin, Amala’s place and the marriage will be conducted at Chennai.
The affair between Amala and Vijay had been in reports before but then it was denied by both. Amala was the heroine in the movies Thalaiva and Dhaiva Thirumakal directed by Vijay. Both of them took part in the award nights and functions together and this had raised doubts earlier. The relation with Vijay made Amala’s mother doubtful and when she asked, Amala had revealed her love. Though at first the relation seemed not to be serious, later realized that it was and decided to conduct the marriage, said Anees Paul, Amala’s mother.