Akshay Kumars Film Boss In Guinness Book Records

The Upcoming Akshay Starrer The Boss , has beaten the Michael Jacksons record of the largest poster in the world. Jackson had earlier held the record for making the biggest an upcoming film breaks the record for its poster length. It broke the record of Michael Jacksons entered the Guinness world ‘s largest poster for itself. The poster has been prepared by the actors fan club. The poster comes around 58.87 meters wide and 54.94 meters high. The poster has been prepared by Macro Arts and Incidentally the Macro Arts is the same company that made Michael Jacksons poster. The film is directed by Antony D’Souza and it is a comedy film. Mithun Chakraborthy, Danny, Athidi Rao , Pareekshith Sahani, are the ones who plays an important role in the film. It is scheduled to release on 16th October.