Aju Vargheese Happy to Become Father

Is there any rules that we should only celebrate with the news on Prithivraj and Asif Ali becoming father. Now The actor Aju Varghese also has star value like others. So definitely the audience will be excited to know about personal things about the actor Aju also. He is now going to become father in real life. It is on February he got married to a Fashion Designer in Kochi. There were gossips that his was a love marriage. But he cleared the air by saying that he got introduced to Augusteena through his friends. And the marriage was an arranged one.

Aju who debuted in Malayalam film through the film Malarwadi Arts Club directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan is now celebrating the success of his recent release Vellimonnga. Presently lot of films are in his kitty and is busy. He is presently acting in film Ormayundo Ee Mukam with Vineeth.