Again Mahabaratham in Animation

In Indian Television so far Mahabharatham has been produced and telecasted thrice. So many producers has tried to make the great epic alive on the screens with the best technical effects of that time. But one more mahabaratam is ready to be screened in the theaters in the animation form. The high budget film reportedly comes with an enviable cast of actors. The famous bollywood actors has lends their voice for the various characters. The Shehahshah of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan has lend his voice to Bhishma, while sunny deol lends to Bheem, Vidya Blan to Draupadi, Actor Ajay Devgan lends his voice to Arjun , Manoj Vajpayee to Yudhister, Anil Kapoor voices to Karna, Jacky Shroff voice to Duyodahana and Anupam Kher will give his voice to Shakuni. The other interesting bit about the film is the fact that the characters bear a strong resemblance to the actors lending them their voices. This, of course, was a planned effort on the makers’ side. The film is reportedly the most expensive animation film made in India. The film is produced by Jayanthilal Gada and the film is directed by Aman Khan,