Actress Sreevidhya denied proper treatment in her last days!!

In the last days of the actress Sreevidhya, she was denied proper treatment by the trust that took up all her belongings. This statement is evident from the words of her Doctor, Dr.M.Krishnan Nair. He had written in his book, ‘Cancer and me’ that when he had recommented for a better medicine that would have saved the life of Sreevidhya which would cost about 1 lakh, the trust formed under her
name had denied to pay the cost. This resulted in using low cost medicine and eventually her death. The trust led by ex-Minister K.B.Ganeshkumar is accused of denying the rights of Sreevidhya, this has been said by her relatives too. As a result of this accusation, Minister K.M. Muneer had resigned from the trust.