Actress Lena To Be Seen in Mothers role Again

Actress Lena is one of the actress who got shined in the role of mother recently. It is because of this reason all the directors, has in their mind Lena’s face whenever they require an actress to play mothers role.
The actress who has played mother in the latest release ‘Vikramadithyan’ directed by Lal Jose. She has played the role of Dulqur Salmans mother and she has enacted her role brilliantly.

Now the latest reports are that she will play again the role of mother in the upcoming film ‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’ directed by debutant director R S Vimal. She will be playing the role of Actor Prithiv Raj’s mother. She will be seen in dual role as 25 year old and also as 60 year old in the film. The film tells the story of eternal love of Moideen and Kanchanamala. Parvathy Menon is playing the heroine in the film

However she is not worried about being typecast and says that she only looks for the potentiality in the film.

She also plays a role in the mammootty starrer Rajadiraja