Actress Iniya claims that Celebrity Photographer had cheated

South Indian actress Iniya who is basically from Kerala has strongly come against famous celebrity photographer.

She claims that he has cheated her by taking her pictures without her permission. She accused the photographer that after taking the pictures he gives it to other websites. The actress posted this information on her official Facebook page. She posted on the official page about the celebrity photographer who had cheated her and she wanted to tell everybody about this.

She started her note by mentioning the celebrity photographer who is a fraud. Iniya tells that he takes some pictures illegally while doing the photo shoots and whatever pictures he take like this he gives it to other websites and take money from them. The photos which he gives to other websites is really bad ones. She also told that she is not the only actress, who face this problem. The other actresses also face similar problem but they are keeping quite and not ready to speak out.