Actor Surya Brother Happy Birthday

Pospanti - Tamil movie Attu boy, girl Laddu Magazine with love for friends Happy birthday greetings today to see the brother Surya am in the rapture. In this day off   Actor Surya's liking "the Surya Saravanan, the film has been renamed pospanti. Film "U" certificate praising the audit committee and appreciate.    The protagonist of this story for me to put on a pretty ugly menakketamal show. A day in the studio days and did not sleep too well. About forty days to prepare for the role played without proper food. In the absence of noise and wild realistic comedy film directed glad to Peru. The collapattullatu a lovely comment. The boys were in the studio when the song came around me and gave pospanti hand to say hi brother. The boys said that I'm like JOHNY. So the title pospanti register kept getting my next film. His debut film, I am going to take advantage of it and have no alternative.    Bose Pandi / Saravanan - the rise of the attitudes of the young man, thinking himself lives with actor Surya. He is the living ninaippileye, like himself rejects ordinary women. Search for model waiting to be conspicuous heart.