ABCD-Indiamovies Martin Prakkat is a talented director. His first movie ‘Best Actor’ is a testimony to this. In ‘Best Actor’ Mammooty was the hero. In his new venture ‘ABCD’ Mammooty’s son Dulkhar Salman dons that role. ABCD is not simply a set of alphabets. It’s the short form of American Born Confused Desi. It’s the story of two American Malayalies getting confused after their arrival in Kerala. In ABCD, Martin deals with the contemporary political and social changes taken place in Kerala. Till now Malayalam Cinema has never addressed the life of the NRIs. ABCD tries to present the feelings reactions in a humourous way of two American borne NRIs visiting Kerala for the first time. At the same time the lack of substance in the script is felt from the beginning to end. The theme of the story is the economic indiscipline of the present day youth. John and Kora are from a middle class family in America. John is the son of an immigrant doctor. He doesn’t know the value of money. This John and Kora spend most of the nights in star hotels blowing up money everywhere. In a night club they pick a quarrel with a Negro and that creates a terrible situation for the duo. So their father sent them to Kerala. The father wanted them to know the value of money and see the harsh realities of life prevailing in Kerala. After reaching Kerala they realize that Kerala is not the one they have seen in the tourism sites of internet. The story was written by Suraj Neeraj. The script is written jointly by Naveen Bhaskar, Martin Prakkat and Suraj Neeraj. The story develops through several comedy scenes. And many of the sequences look so natural. The script was not that impressive. Though the director wanted to present a comedy-romance entertainer it is difficult to say how far he has succeeded. The director tried to drag the story to unending limits. This left a deep dent in the overall impression of the movie. In spite of all these Salman Dulkhar has presented a star performance. The heroine of the movie is an activist. She has a stand of her own in every aspects of life. And she is a girl of principles. This heroine’s role is done extraordinarily well by Aparna Gopinath. She is an excellent find by the organizers of the movie. Georgi in Kora’s role and Lalu Allex have done justice to their respective roles. The Anglo-Indian role of Sreekumar was impressive. John.T.John’s camera has contributed a lot the overall effect of the movie. Dulkhar has proved his singing talents too in this movie. In spite of certain silly drawbacks, the hard work of the behind-the-scene gang has taken the movie to new heights.